Thank you for supporting Art Escape!  We appreciate everyone who has donated time, art supplies and who has given financial support.

Special thanks goes to these donors:


Brian Shepard and Kate Ortolano
George McKale
Sarah Anderson
Megan Segre
Tim Rodgers
Anne Ching
Ann Iverson
Mary Janis
Andrew MacNaughton
Gillian MacNaughton
Mike and Mary Benziger
Catherine O’Neill
Katherine and David Llodra
Suzanne and Sam Bon
Chris and Michele Lynch
Donovan and Jennifer Martini

Corporate Donors

Walsh Vineyard Management
El Brinquito Market
Parsons Lumbar
Redwood Credit Union
Pacific Realty
Clausen Law Group
Sonoma County Antiques
Donum Winery


Rose Marie Pieper Foundation


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Supply Wish List

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