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Thank you to everyone who has donated time, art supplies and given financial support.

Special thanks goes to these donors:


Mike and Mary Benziger
Anne Ching
Patricia Cullian
Robin A. Dixon
William Fortington
Patricia Herron
Ann Iverson
Mary Clark Janis
Chris and Michele Lynch
Andrew MacNaughton
Gillian MacNaughton
Brad Maihack
Donovan and Jennifer Martini
George McKale
Kevin and Rosemary McNeely
Catherine O’Neill
Kate Ortolano
Steve and Judy Page
Tim Rodgers
Judy and Carl Cohen-Speizer
Brian Shepard
Thena Trygstad


Corporate Donors

Plain Jane’s
Sheehy Creek LLC
Sonoma Fig Foundation
State Farm by Oscar Curiel
The Shone Group
Walsh Vineyard Management

Monthly Donors

Sarah Caroll
Lucy Hamlyn
Judy Helfand
Renee Hamner
Brian Shepard
Thena Trygstad


Rose Marie Piper Foundation

Vadasz Family Foundation

KHR Foundation


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