Community Projects

Current Projects

Frida’s Art for All


Art Escape’s “lending library” of art supplies which are free to the community.  #FridasArtForAll was created in order to share our love of creative expression and enables anyone with an idea to manifest that idea through the free craft and art supplies. It’s a unique way to recycle art supplies in a way that helps our community and supports our mission that art should be accessible to everyone.

Free Teen Glass Exploration


Teens explore free glass torch and glass blowing classes throughout the school year.

Funded by the Rose Marie Pieper Foundation.

Flowery School Wednesdays


Each month, 12 students from grades 3-5 visit Art Escape to explore different and unique art forms, from live bird drawing to making sushi.

Funded by Sonoma Plein Air.

Art in the City for Teens

Fall 2021-Spring 2022

In collaboration with the Boys & Girls Club, twenty teens will have the opportunity to travel to San Francisco and experience interactive museum visits and a printmaking workshop.

Funded by Sonoma Plein Air 

Mosaic Program at El Verano

2018 to Present

Art Escape works with 15-20 grades 4-5 students every semester to design and create a mosaic mural on the garden planters.

Program funded by Sonoma Plein Air.

Past Projects

Metalworking Intensive for Teens

Spring 2020

In collaboration with the Boys & Girls Club, teen will learn the ins and outs of metalworking at Art Escape and attend a field trip to the Crucible in Oakland.

Sponsored by Creative Sonoma. Funded in part by the Community Foundation, Sonoma County.

Mexican Art Program at El Verano


First through third graders created artwork inspired by Mexican artists. Their work included giant printmaking books and altars.

Funded by Sonoma Plein Air.

Restrooms Makeovers at El Verano

Spring 2019

All 3rd–5th graders participated in a program aiming to make the schools restrooms safe, inclusive and positive spaces.

Funded by Sonoma Plein Air.

Printmaking Intensive for Teens

Fall 2019

In collaboration with the Boys & Girls Club, fifteen local teens participated in a three-week print making workshop where they learned how to design, carve and print their images. The class culminated in a field trip to the North Bay Letterpress Arts Workshop where they learned the basics of typesetting and using printing presses.

Sponsored by Creative Sonoma. Funded in part by the Community Foundation, Sonoma County.

Street Art Scavenger Hunt

Summer 2019

In collaboration with the Boys & Girls Club.

Funded by Sonoma Plein Air.

Boyes Springs Mural Project


A team of fifteen students worked with Joaquin Lamar Halley, aka Chor Boogie, through the design and creation of an outdoor mural on the south wall of the Republic of Thrift in Boyes Hot Springs.

Funded through California Art Council Arts Education Extension Grant, Sonoma Valley Museum of Art, and the Bank of Marin.

Sweet Home Sonoma


A collaborative creation, display, and event by residents of Sonoma Valley in recognition of our resilience and community spirit one year after the wildfires. Five art-making/creative writing sessions were conducted across the valley where the public painted 160 small birdhouses and inserted their handwritten experience of the fires. The birdhouses were installed in front of Art Escape before distributing them to the general public.

Funded through Creative Sonoma’s Arts Response Grants for Organizations in response to the 2017 wildfires.